A light installation consisting of many colorfully illuminated bars was created as an artistic intervention on the forecourt of the Cultural and Educational Center with Mosque near St. Jost in Marburg.
The bars are set in 5 groups and symbolize the idea of ​​the 5 pillars of Islam. The outline of the 5 pillars is thematically recorded and transformed into a vertical “spiritual” line formation, the spiritual nature of the installation is emphasized by the immaterial character of the entire sculpture.
The clear shape of the columns is resolved by the free arrangement of the bars, merging the five columns into an overall structure when seen from the side or walked through.
This effect is intensified by the color mixture of the light, since white is considered in Islam as a symbol of unity and the sum of all colors. Thus, all the colors of the color sphere are represented in the installation and describe in their sum the totality of the divine as well as the diversity of religion and the openness of the institution itself.


Light installation with Peter Scior, 2018


implementation by Peter Schneyder Design Management GmbH


OP 25.08.2018

OP 01.09.2018