The teacher’s room at Freie Waldorfschule Berlin-Mitte is a multi purpose space where people work in different ways, it is public and private at the same time. The space offers a place of retreat and communication to the teachers team and is intended to support and inspire the users in their work.

In order to bring the different uses and functions of the space together as well as to separate them according to their needs, a continuous built-in furniture wall is placed through the rooms.

You will find an entrance area with a wardrobe, a small kitchen with serving hatch to the actual working area and a colorful cupboard for the teachers post. Another door leads to the copier and paper storage integrated in the furniture wall. This whole area is a zone of encounter and movement.

Two open frames in the furniture wall will lead you to the working space and the computer lab greeted by a calm and bright atmosphere. The view into the school yard with its large trees is open, here you‘ll find the real heart of the teacher’s space. Its character is emphazised by the wooden surfaces of the floor and the furniture wall as well as the light wall colours and curtains. The tables are in a decent light grey, the colored upholstery of the chairs give a playful touch to the space.

The furniture wall offers storage space and open shelves as well as an integrated sofa for retreat, relaxation and intimate discussions. The service hatch to the kitchen connects again the outside and inside of the different areas of the teacher‘s space. The computer lab also benefits of the clear separation by the furniture wall – here you‘ll find long continuous tables with work stations for a quiet and concentrated working time.




in cooperation with Doris Götz



photos by Jan Bitter